UX 101:  Intro to UX Design for VR & MR

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UX 101:  Intro to UX Design for VR & MR


Introduction to User Experience Design for Virtual & Mixed Reality

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Course Overview: Using standard research practices we will investigate critical design elements of virtual environments and interfaces. The skills we will strengthen are in demand in this innovative field of study. An understanding of basic user experience (UX) principles is essential to a successful career in any design field. As VR UX practitioners, we will be skilled in uncovering key elements of any experience or interface, and translating those findings into actionable recommendations.

RSVP for Fall:  Dates TBD

Summer Dates:  Thursdays, Jun 8th - July 13th

Class Time: 9am - 2pm

Instructor: Heather McGeachy

Student Requirements:  No previous VR experience required.