The digital world and the real world are converging. But there’s nothing virtual about this new reality. The experiences are real. They will change us all.  The way we interact. The way we create, learn and play. But what this world becomes is up to you. We’re seeking explorers to join us. Let’s roll up our sleeves. And together, we will chart this new frontier.

  • We are mentors. We help all kinds of people and entities work together to create the next generation of virtual and augmented worlds.

  • We are teachers. We believe that the best way to experience virtual reality is to roll up your sleeves and play with it.

  • We are advocates. With your help this new world will be collaborative, diverse and built for the common good.


Oregon Story Board TEAM

Founded in 2013 as the brainchild of Vince Porter, Tawny Schlieski and Rick Turoczy, Oregon Story Board is led by a board of directors representing public and private initiatives across technology, film, entrepreneurship, economic development, gaming, education and animation. This group is committed to supporting the thriving digital storytelling industry that promises job growth and economic vitality across the state. 


Board of directors

Oregon Story Board would not be possible without support from: