Our mission at Oregon Story Board is to support the digital storytelling industry by providing access to the resources that emerging companies and entrepreneurs need to thrive. Our programming helps businesses better navigate their story, strategy and business plans. Through mentorship, co-working space, collaboration and networking, we are helping a budding industry of digitally-enabled storytellers thrive in Oregon.

Oregon Story Board is a 501(c)(6) non-profit in the state of Oregon.


digital storytelling with strategy

We love to hear how people define digital storytelling. It's a concept with potential; it refers to the ways in which people consume information and entertainment, as well as the fuel that creative companies are using to reimagine their products and services.  

We believe in the potential for Oregon's already growing economy in film, video, animation, and special effects industries in Oregon. We see a growing industry impact from video game companies in Oregon, as well as the wealth of companies working with digital media for their own products, services, or content – or for their clients. 

Oregon Story Board was created to bring these diverse creative, technical, and business backgrounds together – with mentorship from people who have been through it before.  We are committed to helping support this burgeoning industry borne from true creative Oregonian entrepreneurial spirit.

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Co-Working Space

By working in an open space with other young businesses, entrepreneurs have an opportunity to test ideas across industry boundaries, collaborate, and share networks. Co-working rental includes access to Oregon Story Board facilities, technology, and staff, free wireless internet, and becoming part of a community of businesses to leverage for growth.

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Companies that apply and are accepted into the Oregon Story Board accelerator program are invited into a digital storytelling community where they can focus their full attention for four months on developing the skills, ideas and connections that will help their companies grow.

For some, this means developing an effective product development cycle, for others it's expanding their digital storytelling strategies or designing a targeted marketing plan. Our program is built around the unique challenges of early-stage companies in the creative economy.

We're bringing together young businesses with diverse backgrounds and a common thread:  Story. There's a story behind every business, and the story of the entrepreneurs that make it happen. 

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Accelerator program

Oregon Story Board STAFF

Shelley Midthun Director  

Shelley Midthun


Nick Lambert Community & Office Manager  

Nick Lambert

Community & Office Manager



Founded in 2013 as the brainchild of Vince Porter, Tawny Schlieski and Rick Turoczy, Oregon Story Board is led by an awesome board of directors representing public and private initiatives across technology, film, entrepreneurship, economic development, gaming, education and animation. This group is committed to supporting the thriving digital storytelling industry that promises job growth and economic vitality across the state. 


Tawny Schlieski - Intel
Rosemary Colliver - LAIKA
Lindsay Gupton - Pipeworks
Erik Palmer - Southern Oregon University
Patrick Quinton - Portland Development Commission
Tim Williams - Oregon Film
Jenny Moede - Citizen, Inc.                                                                             Rick Turoczy - Portland Incubator Experiment


Oregon Story Board receives the majority of our funding from Oregon InC, a public-private partnership designed to help create new jobs and new companies, diversifying Oregon's economy and bringing federal research dollars back to the state. 

Further program support comes from Intel and the Portland Development Commission, with in-kind support from OMSI, Intel, Oregon Film, InFocus, CenturyLinkCitizen, Liquid Agency, PIEPDC, Laika and Environments.



Oregon Story Board would not be possible without support from: