What will artists and creatives do with VR? This was the driving question behind OSB's first Artists in Residency program.  We believe that VR will change everything:  how we work, how we play, and how we imagine ourselves.  

Oregon Story Board, Eyebeam and Upfor Gallery collaborated on a pilot residency program to familiarize artists with augmented reality and virtual reality platforms. Residencies lasted 10 days and took place in Portland, Oregon in December 2016, and January 2017.  

A panel comprised of David Diamond (collector and artist), Exonemo (artist collaborative), Ceci Moss (curator), Christiane Paul (curator), Roddy Schrock (curator and Eyebeam director), and Caroline Sinders (UX designer and artist) reviewed the more than 150 submissions from all over the world; and made their selections based on artistic accomplishment, letter of intent, evidence of multidisciplinary experience and overall residency diversity.

The residency’s mission was to contribute to a diversity of perspectives and critical thinking on the effect of augmented and virtual reality developments on artistic production. The residency provided a short but intense period of research and experimentation with training and support from expert volunteers. The residency provided access to resources; and living space was available for a limited number of residents thanks to the generosity of Rainmaker Residency. 

The goal was for artists to familiarize themselves with tools and technology of AR and VR. Residents submitted a short narrative or visual overview of their experience at the conclusion of the residency, and participated in a conclave with other artists and interested parties at the end of both residency periods.


Oregon Story Board's First Artists in Residency