We believe in hands-on learning.  Our lab features a wide variety of state of the art hardware, including:  

  • Multiple HTC Vive and Oculus Ready PCs with complete Oculus and HTC Vive setups
  • Intel Xeon server farm
  • Microsoft HoloLens
  • Mobile VR Setups 
  • Developer Workstations (Adobe CS, Autodesk, Microsoft Visual Studio, Unity, Blender)
  • Motion capture setups
  • 3D Scanning (Real Sense, Kinect)
  • High bandwidth external network
3D Modelers-01.jpeg

Meet Ups and Events

Oregon Story Board hosts many events and meetups to support the emerging AR/VR community, including:

Hack Oregon

Women Who Code

Clackamas C-TEC

Creative Coders



Oregon Story Board strives to make VR available to everyone.  We are happy to host demos for schools and community organizations.  Space and staffing fees apply.