In October 2015, the Oregon Story Board and Clackamas Community College team was one of 5 grant recipients chosen for Microsoft’s HoloLens Academic Research Grant.

With this $100K grant and two HoloLens “mixed reality” devices from Microsoft, along with resources from partners at Intel, OSB created a custom classroom for teaching mixed reality content creation.  OSB hosted HoloLens development and design classes for CCC students January through September of 2016.

Using software such as Unity and Maya and Microsoft’s HoloLens, students created a holographic interactive auto transmission that they then deployed into CCC’s Automotive Services Training classroom.   Governor KateBrown visited OSB and viewed the completed transmission though the HoloLens at the Inclusive Startup Fund media event at Oregon Story Board.

In summer 2017, OSB expanded the HoloLens/CCC curriculum and begin offering Virtual and Mixed Reality Development 101 classes for beginners.  These classes introduce three learning pathways: 3D/CG Design, Development/Coding and User Experience.  Students can explore these areas through the 101 intro classes, and then dive deeper into 200, 300 and 400 level classes.

Coursework for all disciplines is designed around capstone projects designed in collaboration with local industry partners.  Students work in cross-disciplinary teams to create VR/MR content for real world applications.