FAQ: Intro to VR & MR Course Payment Plans


Q: How are payments spread out?

You are required to make a deposit of $100 when you register for class.  You will then be invoiced for three payments of $175 each, for a total cost of $625.

Q: What if I register for more than one class?

Each class requires a $100 deposit, and the payments will be invoiced concurrently.  

  • 1 Class:       $100 at registration + 3 $175 payments = $625
  • 2 Classes:  $200 at registration + 3  $350 payments = $1250
  • 3 Classes:  $300 at registration + 3  $400 payments = $1500 

Q: Do I have to pay over 3 months?

No. You can pay off your full class fees at any time, or contact us to create a payment plan that is best for you.  Reach us at anthony@oregonstoryboard.org.

Q: When do I receive my certificate of completion?

Upon successful completion of class, and full payment of the class fee, you will will receive a "Certificate of Completion" 

Q: I still have questions, can I speak to someone?

Yes.  Email anthony@oregonstoryboard.org, and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.