FAQ: Ai Student Financing


Q: How are payments spread out?

You are required to make a deposit of $100 when you register for class.  You will then be invoiced for three payments of $175 each, for a total cost of $625.

Q: What if I register for more than one class?

Each class requires a $100 deposit, and the payments will be invoiced concurrently.  

  • 1 Class:       $100 at registration + 3 $175 payments = $625
  • 2 Classes:  $200 at registration + 3  $350 payments = $1250
  • 3 Classes:  $300 at registration + 3  $400 payments = $1500

Q: How much can I save over Ai standard registration?

For maximum savings, register for all three Oregon Story Board classes.

  • 1 Class:       OSB $625  v. Ai $1494  =    $869 in savings
  • 2 Classes:  OSB $1250 v. Ai $2988 =  $1738 in savings
  • 3 Classes:  OSB $1500 v. Ai $4482 =  $2982 in savings 

Q: Do I have to pay over 3 months?

No. You can pay off your full class fees at any time, or contact us to create a payment plan that is best for you.  Reach us at anthony@oregonstoryboard.org.

Q: When do I receive my certificate of completion?

Upon successful completion of class, and full payment of the class fee, you will will receive a "Certificate of Completion" You can submit this certificate and/or showcase your projects for proficiency credit toward a list of approved classes within the Ai curriculum.

Q: How does this affect my student loans?

Depending on your student loan structure, the savings from the OSB proficiency credits will either reduce your student loan total or you will receive a credit back for the difference of the class.

Q: I still have questions, can I speak to someone?

Yes.  Email anthony@oregonstoryboard.org, and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.