Emerging technologies are radically changing the entertainment, media, and communications industries, driving opportunity across the digital creation and distribution landscape, fueled by a mix of industries that all fit within a digital storytelling ecosystem.

Oregon's Digital Storytelling Ecosystem

We worked with tech innovation agency Citizen to build a visualization of that ecosystem with digital storytelling technology developed in their Portland office. By looking at the connections between companies and across industries in the state, and gathering data to help connect people working toward the same goals.

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Companies working in digital storytelling share resources, business challenges, and freelance networks. Exposing the many business across the state, large and small, that we identified as working around the digital storytelling industry. We hope it'll become a useful, playful tool for those in, around, or just excited by this industry.

View the digital storytelling ecosystem in oregon 
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When you can't find a way to tell your story, make a way to tell your story.


Portland athletic & Outdoor industry

Giving life to the growth of the Portland athletic and outdoor industry since 1875.

Giving life to the growth of the Portland athletic and outdoor industry since 1875.


Oregon is home to some of the top athletic and outdoor companies in the world, and their long term success has helped small business flourish across the state. We worked with Citizen and the Portland Development Commission toward re-imagining the story in the data they had collected on their economic cluster. This digital storytelling helps give a new view of the growth and vastness of the athletic and outdoor world over time.

What's in a name?

Are You a digital storyteller?

We realize we might not know today what digital storytelling might become tomorrow. We're looking for people and companies who are blurring the lines across industries, who are bringing stories to life in the world, or who are building tools to help stories get told and heard.

If you're working on growing a business that you think might fit, get in touch and tell us about what you're up to! We're looking for applicants for our next class, and continuing to grow our awesome mentor network.


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