Digital Oregonians

Emerging technologies are radically changing the entertainment, media, and communications industries, driving opportunity across the digital creation and distribution landscape, fueled by a mix of industries that all fit within a digital storytelling ecosystem.

We're looking at the film and video, animation and VFX, gaming, and digital media landscape across Oregon and bringing companies that are crossing boundaries and pushing stories together. Our goal is to increase the economic viability, innovation, impact, and stature of companies that fit within this network.

Below you'll see some examples of projects Oregon Story Board has completed that show the potential and power of digital storytelling.

Digital Storytelling Businesses in Oregon Ecosystem

Digital Storytelling Businesses in Oregon Ecosystem

We've begun identifying an ecosystem of companies in Oregon who work with digital storytelling with an interactive infographic.

Oregon Story Board supports the digital storytelling industry by providing access to the resources that companies and entrepreneurs need to thrive. We sit at the center of the digital storytelling industry in Oregon, seeking to help companies that blur the boundaries between previously siloed industries. With the rise of new technological tools, creative people around the state are finding new ways to tell stories either for themselves, their peers, or their clients.

Oregon has a thriving ecosystem ripe for this kind of innovation. OSB is bridging both media formats and industries, helping to develop a diverse and sustainable economy where new ideas take root. We're mapping the connections we see already established, and we need your help. Please use the "add company" link to see yourself as part of the digital storytelling ecosystem in Oregon.

Telling our Story

Our first accelerator class ended January 9th, 2015 with a sold-out demo day at the Hollywood Theatre. While it was time to shine the light on the hard work of all of the companies in the program, we wanted to tell the story of Oregon Story Board as well. We worked with co-working space graduates Fourpoint Media to produce a series of videos around the themes of the program itself.

The videos capture the spirit of our first class, and tell the story of a program moving from theory into practice, and bringing five growing Oregon digital storytelling companies together. 

Portland athletic & Outdoor industry

Giving life to the growth of the Portland athletic and outdoor industry since 1875.

Giving life to the growth of the Portland athletic and outdoor industry since 1875.


Oregon is home to some of the top athletic and outdoor companies in the world, and their long term success has helped small businesses flourish across the state. We worked with Citizen and the Portland Development Commission toward re-imagining the story in the data they had collected on their economic cluster. This digital storytelling helps give a new view of the growth and vastness of the athletic and outdoor industry over time.

What's in a name?

Are You a digital storyteller?

We realize we might not know today what digital storytelling might become tomorrow. We're looking for people and companies who are blurring the lines across industries, who are bringing stories to life in the world, or who are building tools to help stories get told and heard.

If you're working on growing a business that you think might fit, get in touch and tell us about what you're up to! We're looking for applicants for our next class, and continuing to grow our awesome mentor network.


Oregon Story Board board members, mentors, and accelerator companies reflect on what 'digital storytelling' means to them.