Oregon Story Board, Clackamas Community College, and Intel are partnering to create a workforce of skilled developers and storytellers for HoloLens, and the broader Augmented and Virtual Reality fields.  

What is the HoloLens?  It's Microsoft's yet-to-be-released mixed reality headset, jailbreaking the computing experience and releasing it into your surroundings.  This video might help explain.

Out of hundreds of applicants, Clackamas Community College was chosen alongside four other universities (Carnegie Mellon, Dartmouth, Virginia Tech, and UC Berkeley) as recipients of Microsoft's grant award. We're gaining early access and getting primed to push the capabilities of this system in a learning environment.

As part of our proposal to augment trade based education, we have opened Oregon Story Board to area students and interested continuing ed/professionals by hosting the research directly at our space, centrally located in Portland's Old Town district.  Our hope is that forming a string of "studio classes" will allow students from area programs, universities, and professionals alike to band together and form the best and brightest that Oregon has to offer.  We're breaking down barriers and taking the "community" in community college quite literally! 

The research has a production component, call it a "class within a class," where the team will supplement existing curriculum for HoloLens development with the Automotive department at CCC.   

To achieve this, we have students and professionals with a full range of skills;  Unity and C# will clearly be a priority, as will digital design skills such as modeling and texturing.  All taking place at a specially designed lab, with support from Intel.