July Creative Coders Show and Tell

  • Oregon Story Board 411 Northwest Flanders Street Portland, OR, 97209 United States

It’s time for another Show & Tell! It’s an opportunity to mingle, find collaborators, share what you've been working on, and learn a little bit. Bring your projects and experiments to share and get feedback!

This time we'll be meeting at the Oregon Story Board office in NW Portland. 

Doors open at 6:30PM. 

6:55PM - Welcome 

7:00PM - Neural Networks for Style Transfer - Josh will share some recent experiments with video and photo style transfer using neural networks. Style transfer enables you to take the "style" from one image and apply it to another using what can be best summarized as magic. Recent advances make this possible with video which adds a new dimension to the creative possibilities. Josh will provide basic information on how to get started experimenting with this technique.  

7:20PM - Debugging - Bugs were plaguing developer even before floppy disk was a thing; to squish them, many tools have been built, but in the creative coding world they're often a little unknown. As an introduction on debugging, Philippe will show the basics on using a debugger and how it can be leveraged to fix or even simply to understand new code,  and then share some troubleshooting strategies for when something mysteriously doesn't work. 

7:40PM - HoloLens Hackday Wrap-up - Thomas will talk about the HoloLens Art Hackday. Present the result as well as the plumbing that made the HoloLens Hackday possible. Hack Day attendees will share specific experiences they had.

8:00 pm - Show & Tell & Socializing - Show off your projects! Share your ideas! Hang out and experiment! 

9:30 pm - Goodnight!

See you there!